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Auto detailing



We’re not just about detailing your car; we are about customer service and quality so you can enjoy your vehicle as it was meant to be enjoyed. 

Every car and customer is unique and has it’s own individual requirements.  Our objective is to customize the overall detailing experience specifically to each vehicle and its owner request and requirements. 

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Our primary goal is to ensure you, the customer is happy when they leave our shop. This could be for the smallest, to the biggest of jobs. It isn’t complicated: listen to the client, execute the work at the highest level of quality and deliver a superior product. 

Our process has proven to work and has allowed us to deliver a result that is far above most. We start with an evaluation and examination of each car to determine exactly what interior or exterior detailing services the car requires while being respectful of our customer’s needs, schedules, and budget.


We use only premium products that are both proven in the industry and tested personally by Radical Auto. With this methodology we can speak to our services and associated products both from theoretical and actual experience.

In fact, we have quickly gained a reputation of delivering a detailing job that is of the highest quality available. We are setting a new bar for detailing in the region.

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Why should you protect your car’s paint

Protective coatings protect against sun, rain, droppings, oils, tree tars and everything else the road’s throw at us

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