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Auto detailing


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Clear Coat - What is it? It is the last step in the paint process of your vehicle. It's a transparent, glossy coating that is meant to not only enhance the look of your paint but to provide added protection from the environment.


Radical Auto is an authorized store for the application of Perma Clear Coating. Clear coat not only makes your car look shiny, it adds “depth” and protection to the finish.


Perma Clear, clear coat is a unique hand applied coating that chemically bonds with existing finishes. Being hand applied significantly reduces the cost and time required to completely clear coat a vehicle. A significant savings is seen by greatly reducing the necessity to do any major paint correction.


Why is Perma - Clear coat good for my vehicle?

  • Protection: One major advantage is that Perma Clear coat provides protection from the sun and ultraviolet rays that can cause paint to fade. 

  • Defect repair: Shallow surface defects and spotting caused by bird droppings, tars (Pine) and marks from acid rain can be buffed out and repaired with Perma Clear without damaging the paint.

  • Prolongs Life of finish: Protecting your car from the elements and adding a layer of clear coat will add years to the life of the finish of your vehicle.

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