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Auto detailing


The following are suggested detailing packages. Knowing that every car is unique with different requirements these packages are flexible and can be modified to suit your needs.


Premium Includes: (around $75-$125 for the person who wants to maintain their vehicle and keep it in top shape esthetically . Do you have a special event to attend and want your vehicle in top shape inside and out.

  • Hand Wash

  • Dry with hair

  • 2 in 1 polish/wax spray application.

  • Wheel Cleaning

  • Tyre Dressing

  • Door Jams Wiped

  • Dust Interior surfaces

  • Windows Cleaned

  • Vacuum Whole Car


Premium Plus Package Includes: (around $150-$200)

Same as “Premium” package with the following additions.

Provides excellent look and finish both inside and out.

  • Pre rinse to remove and particles or larger debris

  • Hand Wash - “double bucket” to minimize wash contamination

  • Deep Wheel Cleaning

  • Clay Bar to remove micro debris

  • Dry with air and towel-hand dry

  • Towel-hand Dry

  • Decontaminate paint.

  • Polish & Wax/seal

  • Door Jams Wiped + Cleaned

  • Clean Interior Surfaces

  • Treatment of all Plastic/Vinyl surfaces inside.

  • Shampoo carpets and seats

  • Deep Interior vacuum


Premium Total Package Includes: (around $250-$350)

Full treatment with multi step hand wash and finishing …for the customer who wants a full treatment on their vehicle deep clean inside and outside. Treatment of fabrics, leather and plastics inside and outside.

Same as Premium Plus Package with these extra’s

  • Bugs & Tar Removed

  • Light compound.

  • Polish

  • Wax/Sealant

  • Door jams cleaned and protected.

  • Headlight polish/revitalize.

  • Treat wheels

  • Seat treatment - Stain repellent for fabric and leather conditioner for leather seats.

  • Removal of stains on carpet ie: salt. (Note if stains are excessive or beyond normal wear a surcharge may be applicable).

  • Headliner vacuum and clean as required.

  • Windshield treatment

  • Treatment of all non painted plastic/vinyl trim outside.

  • Motor and hood clean and degrease



Extra’s if not included in above packages:


  • Treatment of carpets with water & stain repellant. $50 - $75

  • Pet hair removal. $50-$100 ( depending on severity)

  • Odor removal and treatment. $75 -$200 ( depending on severity)

  • Headlight sand, polish and coat with UV protectant. $75

  • Paint correction – TBA upon viewing of the car

  • Motor Wash and degrease - $75 – 100

  • Treatment of windshield with water repellant - $20


* Note – all prices are to be confirmed upon inspection and review of the vehicle with the client.



We are taking bookings for the fall/winter prep specials. With summer coming to an end we offer everything needed to ready your car for the winter.


For the exterior we recommend:

  • An exterior detail that includes a polish and a sealant to protect against the muck, slush and elements of winter.

  • Treatment of your windshield to repel water and slush

  • Change of wipers to winter rated ones

  • We are proud to offer some of the biggest names in rims & mags if you need an extra set for your winters

  • We offer switching summer to winter tires with one of our partners.


For the interior:

  • Cleaning of carpets as required followed by treatment against spills and stains – this is a great treatment that helps in controlling salt stains.

  • Changing of mats from summer to winter – if you need we carry the biggest names in custom mats.

  • Treatment of seats – either leather or cloth.



  • Seal paint with a premium sealant providing protection against discoloration and UV rays, acid rain and results in deep gloss finish - (around $100-$150)

  • Windshield treatment to help in water beading and flowing off windshield  - (around $30-$50) 

  • Renew discolored headlights and recoat - ($80)

  • Polish and sealant applied to headlights for additional protection - ($45)

  • Change of tires – With a trusted local partner RadicalAuto will arrange to prepare your vehicle esthetically and make the appointment for a tire change at the time of your choosing.  (TBD)        



  • Carpets shampooed and treated with 303 Fabric Guard anti stain/water repellant. Product recommended by Sunbrella -  manufacturer of outdoor furniture and accessories. - (around $75-$100)

  • Seats shampooed and treated with anti stain/water repellant (cloth) or conditioner (leather) - (around $50-$75)

  • Mats – Radical Auto has access to the highest quality mats (ie:Weather Tech and Husky Mats) to in protecting your car against water and salt accumulation. (TBD) 

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