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Wheels & tires



Would you like your ride to turn heads when it goes by? Custom wheels can enhance any vehicle’s appearance and take it from common to exceptional.

At Radical Auto, we sell all of the top quality wheel brands in the business, including Replika, Fast Wheels, Braelin & RTX. These wheels are suitable for a wide range of automotive makes and models.

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Passion For Excellence.

As a professional tire dealers, we offer a line of competitively priced summer and winter tires from some of the industry’s leading tire brands. Whether you need one replacement tire, or a whole set of new tires, Radical Auto can offer exactly what you need. 

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Once you have decided on a style of new mag, and take delivery they now need to be mounted with your new (or existing) tires. We are pleased to offer in conjunction with a local partner the option of having your new mags mounted with your existing or new tires right at our shop. We make the whole experience easy and seamless for you.

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